Dhyána - Meditation

The Control of the frequency of the brain waves – according to the Great Master Patañjali – the only and real historic coder of Yoga.

..Chita... .. Vrtti...... Nirodha
(Mente) (Ondas) (Controlo)

Yoga (which means to connect, bind, from its root Yuj - it is said Yudj) is an Integrated System of Total Development of the Human Being.

1. It explores completely all positive human capacities:

1.visible 2. latent 3. suspected 4. unsuspected

and this should always be done in harmony (without unbalancing; without any part assuming the main role over all other parts, causing a compromising delay or speeding).

After that

2. Until it assumes an over bodily / Cosmic dimension, the (Nirbija) Samádhi – Enlightenment, the goal of Yoga – catapulting the Human Being to a Supra Human Lucidity (and leaving the billion years old genetic data of strong animal percentage behind it), and connecting it to the Base of all Memory and Cosmic Wisdom.

For instances, the Ásana – Psycho-bio-physic positions that offer an exceptional physical, muscular, energetic, emotional and neurological resilience, characteristic of Yoga prepare the mental evolution and the passage of high energies, without any secondary effect. Yoganidrá – Techniques of Physical, Emotional and Mental Relaxation – allow a total relaxation and a rapid recovery from the physical effort in just a few minutes. Besides, it also enables the untying of neuro-psychic knots and the self resolution of unsuspected and impenetrable situations in the complex human psych. The Mudrá – Reflexologic and Energetic Hand Postures – explore the anthropological connection between the Hand and the Brain and stimulate the dialogue between hands and brain in a direct and profound manner. The Kryá – Organic Cleansing and Invigoration – along with a proper and careful diet , allow intense and complete processes of detoxification, originated in a unsuspected natural physiological human wisdom. The Mantra – Mastering of Sounds and Harmony – enable one to deal with powerful sound forces, whose properties are very strong. The Bandha – Muscular and Neuro-Endocrinal Dinamizations – act directly upon nervous plexus and endocrinal glandules extremely invigorating taking the practitioner to a state of constant youth but with a great control and wise conduct. The Yama/Nyama – the basis of the self-discipline found in the Primordial Yoga, with a Matriarchal root and fraternal bounds, helps to conduct the very high energies gathered and handled, preventing an upsetting and possible lesions, not only in the physical level. They also stimulate personal responsibility and anti-ego self work, maintaining clearly the purposes of Yoga and of the practitioner, without deviations. The Pránáyáma – Breathing Exercises of Neuro-Vegetative and Energetic Influence – allow exceptional energetic charges and the entrance in the Autonomous Nervous System and in the Neuro-vegetative functions, which in consequence brings the sensibility with the micro electro-nervous and electro-chemical currents and the Nádi (the lines mentioned in all the ethnic cultures of yellow skin, conducting energy from the Chakra [read Tchakra], its crossings and plexus, namely the 7 Main Chakra). In short, awakening, handling and conducting powerful body energies, namely the Kundalini, the Super Residual Energy of the DNA, that only millennia wisdom and the prudence of the Great Enlightened Masters of Yoga know how to handle.

All of this constitutes the basis for stability and the core of Yoga's pyramid, of which Dhyána-Meditation is its bright summit.
Without this, there is no true Meditation. Outside Yoga , there is no True Meditation.

Meditation was the “Western” way of defining/”translating” Dhyána, because it was a concept inexistent in this side of the Globe. So, it was necessary to adapt a word already existent, but it was done incorrectly and inappropriately. To meditate meant to think in something deeply. But Dhyána is the opposite of using the concrete mind (the top for western thinking). Although the Yogi [read yö'gë] explores the concrete mind in the beginning, followed by the abstract and then the artistic ones, in an intense, brilliant and unique way, he/she puts it aside once it begins to be a gross obstacle, many times ruled by ego, and ascends to vaster Dimensions until it reaches the Supra Cognitive Area of the Mind , the most powerful one. Known as – Overmind, behond the Concret Mind.

So, the generic name Dhyána, the Real Meditation, encompasses 5 Steps/Stairs (of which Dhyána is merely one) of this fantastic mental-human Cosmic Wisdom which is Yoga. Those steps are:

5. Prathyáhára, 4. Dháraná, 3. Dhyána, 2. Sabija Samádhi, 1. Nirbija Samádhi

Each one of this Steps enables the efficient mastery of mind, reflected in the Control of the Frequency of Brain Waves in a way equivalent to the mounting of a stair, attaining enormous Height and Intensity, from the ordinary vigil state (ß – beta) to a (alfa) and then deeply to ? (teta) and superiorly to ? (delta).

To go through these difficult five steps the Practitioner has six precious Groups – Technical Levels of Meditation – that are given to him/her alongside his/her evolution, and that are:

6. Yantra Dhyána (concentration in Yantra – complex symbols)

5. Jápa Dhyána (using Jápa – concentration sounds – verbalized, hummed or said with the mind)

4. Yantra Jápa Dhyána (concentration in Yantra and its own Bija Jápa)

3. Ajápa Jápa Dhyána and similar – Reserved (concentration in subtle but obvious organic functions).

2. Shákta Dhyána – Initiatic (given by the Sat Guru, Great Master)

1. Bhakti Shakti Dhyána – Profoundly Initiatic, almost inaccessible (it requires profound preparation and qualification)

To begin the mounting of these Stairs or Steps, the 5 levels of Consciousness, the Practitioner of Yoga begins by the
5th. Step – Prathyáhára – the abstraction from the senses, a dive in the interior micro cosmos (and its fantastic wisdoms) until total abstraction of the surroundings is achieved (like the turtle plucking its body, turning inwards, discovering treasures).
A test to this phase, that takes many years to achieve, consists in turning on a sound sorce (a radio, for instances) and its noise does not distracts the practitioner not even slightly. Then, near an airport, with planes taking off and landing, to be really indifferent to these noises (in Yoga, and in Evolution, there is no pretending, as it is harmful to cheat oneself).
When the Practitioner achieves this state, it is ready to the last 4 steps, designated in its total as Samyama – to bind, as in the Origin.

The 4th.Step – Dháraná – Continuous Concentration will enable the practitioner to focus his/her entire mind, as if he/she had a lens to focus a single object of Concentration, without hesitating and without moving the mind or the attention not even for a second. A test to this stage will be to suggest the Practitioner several subjects to analyze and check if he/she can ignore them and keep a firm focus on the “object of concentration”.
If so, this will be a total mastering of mind. Only then will the Practitioner be prepared to Dhyána – True Meditation. The Practitioner will then hold a beam of mind which will enable him to experience the Supra Consciousness and the Supra Cognitive Mind (Over Mind), plus all the Lucidity and Vision arising as a consequence.

After mastering Dhyána, one opens the door to the SAMÁDHI (Enlightenment) – Supreme Human/Cosmic Intellective Consciousness (Buddhi).
Up to now, the Practitioner explored the entire body, and he/she didn't confined the brain to the physical level, experiencing also the nervous, peripheral and autonomous system, and all the unused brain compartments, finding his/her better and brighter part.
Now, on the second stage – Sabíja (with seed) Samádhi, will give the great jump to access the Marvelous and Permanent Memory and Wisdom of the Universe. The Practitioner will mingle with Other Dimensions, besides the Human one, and will excel completely, assuming a Cosmic Greatness.

Finally, already as a Great Master (and Free), it will experience completely and totally the Nirbíja (without seed) Samádhi – the Ultimate Yoga Goal, the 9th Stage according to Patañjali, breaking the Wheel of Samsára, seeing behind Illusion (Máyá) the Reality of All Cosmic Wisdom (beyond appearance). The Practitioner will feel and know that the All is a part of himself/herself and that He/She is also Everything. The small, petty and ridiculous ego will at last be discarded and the Being will be entirely devoted to the Service of the Great Universal Cause, “Completing the Work”.

Nirbíja Samádhi
is a Supreme State of the Unique Path of the Real Yoga. The Samádhi, because it is the Ultimate State of Being, it is not comparable to other states, such as Satori, Nirvana, etc. Do not be fooled by those.

Therefore, there is no Real Meditation outside Yoga. To the intense, disciplined and long training of the mind, until it reaches the Great Achievement and the Multi Dimensional Capacity, it is necessary to use all the Technical Disciplines of Yoga, and their complexity. These Disciplines will be the Great Support and Irreplaceable Aid to forge the Practitioner with discipline, cleanness, energetic rise, concentration, conduction, elevation and super-action. They all work as a pyramid where Dhyána/Samyama – Meditation/Samádhi are the enlightened top. Besides, it is also necessary to have as a Guide a True Great Master, who has already effectively walked this path himself.

- The blowers -
All the other “meditations” from all the organizations of “meditation” outside Yoga will lead to nothing unless a serenity and well being – always welcomed in the society of stress, pollution and aggression to the Human Being and to Nature – but will only be but dry crumbles, dying flames of the Great Banquet of Wisdom and LIGHT , Power and Wisdom, that is inherent to it, and that, although not always promised to, it will always be denied to misinformed practitioners. (Over Mind) and the Consciousness and Vision that comes from it.

The Path In Yoga

the Path is essential, leading to the Supreme Consciousness. This approach by the Practitioner-Philosopher must be constant and clear, otherwise it will be a waist of time and a deviation from the Practitioner's first intents. Even more, the Practitioner will not be able to accomplish the Yoga's proposal of constant non theoretical Evolution in a single direction, with Concentration (and not Dispersion), and with means identical to the Great Ending, without exception.



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